Ready for your visit to the beach?

This summer a visit to the beach in Blankenberge will be a bit different.

In order to give everyone (resident, second-resident, tourist) the chance to sunbathe in a safe way, a zone system has been developed.

Free beach zone

As of 27 June 2020 the beach (from Oosterstaketsel to the foot of the dunes at the Gadeyne slope) will be divided into 5 zones (A-B-C-D-E) where a beach team will sensitize visitors to keep their distance. A maximum of 10.000 visitors per day will be allowed. At the bottom of this page you can view the beach plan with the different zones.

For each zone it will be determined how many visitors will be allowed to guarantee an area of 6 m² per person. The following criteria will be used:

  • only the surface area of the soft sand will be taken into account. Hard sand is space for physical activities (walking, games, bathing,...);
  • a maximum number of people present per beach bar will be imposed;
  • on the free beach areas, the distances between each 'bubble' will be indicated by means of wind sails/beacons, everyone can use them free of charge;
  • the private beach cabins must also comply with the rules of the National Security Council (applicable at that time).

The availability of space in a certain zone will be clearly communicated in the station and on the Koning Leopold III square so that visitors are led to a calmer stretch of beach. Check out the current hustle and bustle on the beach via

The stretch of beach with hard sand and the sea are freely accessible for walking, paddling, swimming or playing games. We do ask you to keep your distance from people who do not belong to your 'bubble'. The same applies to the beach between Blankenberge and Wenduine and between Blankenberge and Zeebrugge (in front of the dunes).

Reservation platform sunbeds

Do you want to be sure of a place on the beach? Then you can reserve a sunbed and any extras (parasol, towel, wind sail, ...) in advance at one of the beach bars.

Book your lounger


Attention: you have to wear a mouth mask on the promenade!

The promenade will be divided into two-way traffic for walkers.

Where possible, the strip where there are now terraces will be extended with separate terraces of the adjoining bars or restaurants. Of course, a section of the street itself must always be kept free for the security services.

The stairs either give access to the beach or are reserved for departing tourists from the beach.