Beach & animals

Dogs on the beach

Dogs are only allowed in areas of the beach in Blankenberge set out specifically for this purpose and at certain times.

From the start of the Easter holiday until 15 September, the beach from Oosterstaketsel to the foot of the dunes at the Gadeyne slope is a no-go area for your canine friend!

If you want to visit the beach with your dog during this period, this is only permitted if your dog is kept strictly on a leash and you must remain in the area from the west of Westerstaketsel to the east of the Gadeyne slope.

Horses on the beach

Horse traffic is not permitted on the beach nor in the dunes in the period between the Easter holidays and 15 September. Horse traffic is never permitted on the beach above the high-water line nor in the dunes (except for the dedicated bridle paths).