Where will I find free Wi-Fi in Blankenberge?

Certain restaurants and cafés offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons; look for the sticker on the door.

You are welcome to use your own device to connect with the library’s or Tourist Information Point's Wi-Fi network during opening hours. The Library also provides PCs for public use. You can also print there.

Can I walk my dog on the beach?

Dogs are only allowed in areas of the beach in Blankenberge set out specifically for this purpose and at certain times.

From the start of the Easter holiday until 15 September, the beach from Oosterstaketsel to the foot of the dunes at the Gadeyne slope is a no-go area for your canine friend!

If you want to visit the beach with your dog during this period, this is only permitted if your dog is kept strictly on a leash and you must remain in the area from the west of Westerstaketsel to the east of the Gadeyne slope.

Where can I walk my dog off the leash?

You can exercise your dog off the leash between Oude Steenweg and the J. Vande Puttenlaan (free access). This is an enclosed area, so no chance of your best friend escaping your irresistible affections.

Is there anywhere in Blankenberge I can have a shower?

There are free showers on the beach during the bathing season. These are located at the foot of the breakwaters.

You can use the showers individually and as a group at the Farys North Sea swimming pool; however, only during the pool’s opening hours. An entrance fee is charged and bathing wear is obligatory.

Where can I park in Blankenberge?

Here you'll find all the information about parking in Blankenberge.

Where can I spend the night in my campervan?

Spending the night in a campervan is only permitted at one of the campsites (during the winter months, you can park your campervan for the night at the De Wielen campsite or at Camperpark Floreal).

Are the shops in Blankenberge open on Sundays?

Yes, you can shop in Blankenberge every day of the week. Most shops in the town centre are open on Sundays. Several supermarkets also open their doors on Sunday morning.

Where can I buy or rent a beach cabin?

You can rent or buy a beach cabin from one of the beach cabin owners. A list of beach cabin owners can be found here.

If you purchase a beach cabin, you will need a permit to place the cabin on the beach.
It is advisable to apply for a permit well in advance as there is a waiting list for places. You can apply for a permit in writing by sending an email to strandtoezicht@blankenberge.be or stadhuis@blankenberge.be (marked for the attention of the local council) or by sending a letter to the local council at J.F. Kennedyplein 1, 8370 Blankenberge.

When do I put my bin bags out?

You can view the waste collection schedule here.
 Place your bin bags outside as close to the planned collection time as possible. Placing waste outside on the wrong date, location or time is considered illegal dumping.

There are underground containers for residual waste in the harbour area (corner of De Smet de Naeyerlaan and Havenstraat) and at the A. Ruzettelaan (at the corner with Rogierlaan). The waste containers operate a coin payment system. You can deposit up to 40 litres of waste in the underground container in one go for € 1,00.

Where can I find public toilets in Blankenberge?

Here you'll find the list of public toilets.

When are the lifeguards monitoring the beach?

Here you'll find all the dates.

When is there a market in Blankenberge?

Here you'll find all the dates of the weekly market.

Where can I register to participate in a flea market?

Here you'll find the contact information.

Where can I register to participate in an evening market?

Here you'll find the contact information.

Are horses allowed on the beach?

Horse riding on the beach is only permitted if you possess a permit, obtained in advance from the local council.

Horse traffic is not permitted on the beach nor in the dunes in the period between the Easter holidays and 15 September. Horse traffic is never permitted on the beach above the high-water line nor in the dunes (except for the dedicated bridle paths).