Dogs on the beach

Dogs are only allowed in areas of the beach in Blankenberge set out specifically for this purpose and at certain times.

Between Oosterstaketsel and J. Gadeynehelling

  • From Easter holidays until 15 September: dogs not allowed*.
  • From 15 September to the Easter holidays: dogs allowed on a leash.

*with the exception of guide dogs

From J. Gadeynehelling in the direction of Zeebrugge (up to Zeebrugge border)

  • From 15 March to 15 October: dogs admitted on a leash.
  • From 16 October to 14 March: dogs permitted off-leash.

From Westerstaketsel towards Wenduine

  • Dogs allowed without a leash all year round.

As a dog owner, you are required to carry a dog waste bag. You must obviously use this 'like a good family man'.