Stories at the harbour

During the summer months we transform the Leopold Park and the Paravang area into a place of fairy tales and folk legends.

Seven story columns are scattered along the Havenstraat and the Barcadère (up to the building of the VBZR). Press the wondrous button with your foot and a story world comes to life. Come by regularly, every week there are other stories about Tijl Uilenspiegel, Baron van Munchhausen, Gulliver's travels, Jantje and his grandmother, Flemish folk legends and Greek mythology. It's great that the stories are for all ages. Jantje and his grandmother are mainly for toddlers, the Flemish folk legends also appeal to adults.
Some Flemish urban legends are applied to Blankenberge, can you guess which one?

The Leopold Park is decorated in a fairytale style. Nine story posts with footswitch activate a scene with audio. Each time a short story of 3 minutes.
Look around you, stimulate your senses. Do you hear the fairy music? Can you find the leprechauns?





Barcadère z/n, 8370 Blankenberge


Dienst Evenementen Blankenberge