Dr. Nest | Familie Flöz

Familie Flöz is a German collective that produces wordless mask theatre. Their performances are like fairy tales for adults. Playing on the boundary between theatre and slapstick, Familie Flöz always manages to charm a wide audience. 'Dr. Nest' delves into the world of psychiatry. It is a story about the twists and turns of our brain and the fragility of human life. A unique opportunity to see this company at work in Blankenberge!



€ 15.00
Jong volk (-26) - 11,00 euro, 55+ - 13,5 euro, Vrijetijdspas Blankenberge - 13,00 euro


Casino Blankenberge
Zeedijk 150, 8370 Blankenberge


Cultuurcentrum Blankenberge