Flower parade

The Blankenberge flower parade, one of the most prominent events of the season, is offered every year to the many tourists to mark the end of the Summer. This traditional pageant goes back more than one century and its fame stretches far abroad.

Enjoy the top-quality floats carrying thousands of flowers, the graceful dance groups and the dynamic music bands. The theme this year is: Sea the music.

We'd like to welcome you all on Sunday the 25th of August 2019!

Track (subject to alterations): Kerkstraat/Zuidlaan - Kerkstraat - Casinoplein - Casinostraat - Malecotstraat - J. De Troozlaan - A. Ruzettelaan - Gadeynehelling - Zeedijk - F. Ropshelling - Franchommelaan - Leopoldstraat - Consciencestraat - P. Benoîtstraat - Grote Markt

Check out the program and track of the parade