Treinstapper 3

Will it be a day at the seaside or diving into the past of the Westhoek? Be charmed by the Flemish Ardennes in spring or by the blossoms and ripening fruit in Haspengouw. Would you rather walk through the wide, green Hageland or seek the silence of the Kempen in Antwerp?

Hiking guide Treinstapper 3 bundles 10 train stops: day trips from station to station along GR trails. With the shortening options, the hikes are also feasible for families with children. Besides route descriptions in two directions, you will find information on public transport and get some fun facts about the region.

The detailed 1:25,000 scale maps show train stations and bus stops, restaurants, shops and places of interest.

Selected routes are:

  1. Blankenberge – Oostende
  2. Komen – Ieper
  3. Ronse – Oudenaarde
  4. Mollem – Aalst
  5. Zichem – Aarschot
  6. Hever – Eppegem
  7. Essen – Heide
  8. Geel – Mol
  9. Diepenbeek – Bilzen
  10. Landen – Sint-Truiden

Price: € 18
(Only in Dutch)