The Flemish Accommodation Decree

Do you rent out an accommodation?
The fact is that anyone who lets tourists stay overnight in Flanders must register their lodging with Tourism Flanders. A lodging can be a house, flat, a guest room in your own house or any other place to sleep, however original.

You can register online on the Tourism Flanders website.

In accordance with the Accommodation Decree, your accommodation must also meet a number of conditions.

In any case, your accommodation must have the following certificates and documents:

  1. A fire safety certificate, based on the Accommodation Decree.

    Apply to Vinçotte by e-mail ( You can download the application form from the Tourism Flanders website.

    Do you rent out more than 3 guest rooms in your property or does your accommodation have more than 9 sleeping places (or in the case of a stand-alone holiday home, more than 12 sleeping places) ? Then request your fire safety certificate from the mayor.

  2. The necessary insurances.

    Contact your insurance company to make sure you have fire and contents insurance and civil liability insurance.

  3. Proof of ownership or rental agreement.

    As an exploiter, you need either proof of ownership (e.g. a notarial deed, an assessment notice, cadastral income, etc.) or a rental agreement whereby the landlord allows you to operate the rented accommodation.